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Concerns about Lawn Care Service

Our trucks are fully insured.

Gates and Pets
If you lock your gate, it must have a combination lock for us to service that area of your property. Our crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard. You accept our service with this provision. We will not knock on the door to unlock gates or put away pets. Please understand time is money in our business.

If we damage a sprinkler head or valve cover, contact us within a week of the damage and we will repair or replace it. If you have landscape lights in the lawn, which have exposed wiring, please advise us up front.

Service Concern
If our work is not satisfactory we will send the crew back the same day or the next day to redo it without an additional charge.
Please call or email a brief request within 24 hours.

We try to finish our routes unless it is heavy rain all day, in this case, we push the balance of the week's schedule forward 1 day, utilizing Saturday to catch up for the week. This is a scheduled service, and we rely on you to call to skip if you think it is too wet to mow. If you skip the mow, we will try to reschedule if we are in that area the following day. If not, it will be moved to the next week.

Changes of Mow Day or Service
If changes are to be made in either the mow day or the service, you must make them the day prior to your mow day for them to take effect. We assign crews each morning at the beginning of the work day based on requests made up to the end of office hours the prior evening.

In some cases you may want to skip a mowing for some reason such as back yard project, rain, etc... Please make us aware the day before your scheduled service.

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